Whatsapp New Feature “Status” Is Another Copy of Snapchat’s Feature

Whatsapp New Feature -Status- Is Another Copy of Snapchat's Feature

This Whatsapp New feature is looks like a perfect copy of Snapchat’s feature “Stories”.

Whatapp a Facebook owned company trying to defeat all other messaging apps. Recently they launched a new feature inspired by the feature exists in a popular app.

The Whatsapp New feature was early copied by another Facebook owned app “Instagram”. It looks like snapchat became a source of inspiration for all technology giants. By this feature you can let your friends, followers or contacts know about what are you up to.In other apps like Snapchat and Instagram it shows at the top of your feed as “Stories”.

whatsapp new feature
A photo of whatsapp’s new feature -By Whatsapp

Whatsapp has almost changed everything in its old “Status” feature. The old feature until now shows the little bit text in front of name which has re-invented now. By this Whatsapp New feature a user can share GIF, Photos and videos with an animated and stylish overlay just like Snapchat and Instagram. These statuses will be visible to the specific person chosen by the user and it will visible to them for 24hrs.

In a blog post Co-Founder Jan Koum of Whatsapp said: “Even after we added messaging in the summer of 2009, we kept the basic ‘text only’ status functionality in WhatsApp.Every year, when Brian (Acton) and I would plan projects to work on, we always talked about improving and evolving this original ‘text only’ status feature.”