The First Smart Mirror That Helps You To Look Beautiful

The First Smart Mirror That Helps You To Look Beautiful

Girls are gonna be shocked after reading its features,especially make-up addicts!!!

This is a smart mirror, actually it is more than a Smart Mirror. A company named “Juno” presenting something that is really needed so far. This device/mirror actually allows you to makeup in a suitable lightning without facing issues of outdoor or indoor lights.

Most women put make-up according to indoor lightning in dim lights that looks cool there,but when they looks themselves in outdoor lightning it looks strange there.This device “Juno” has a mirror with LED lights.These lights flash up differently adjusting itself by the day.It also allows you to place your smartphone on its doc to snap a selfie and it doubles up and adjust its light for taking best selfie.You can switch between make-up and selfie mode using touch controls on its screen surface.

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This device is totally wireless and it connects with your smartphone in order to get time, data and location so it can adjust itself.


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Juno also has a third lighting mode. A back-mild in the back of the mirror allows the Juno to be used as a bedside lamp. It comes on an adjustable holder that makes it possible for you to function the mirror in any position. Point it upwards and the back of the mirror casts ambient light downwards, making a as a substitute nifty tabletop reading lamp. The base of the Juno replicate also has a large, curved design, doubling up as a situation to retailer your make-up or every other trinkets like your phone or your keys. Should you’re extra of a wall mounted kinda individual, the Juno can also be removed from its holder and installed on your wall or your full dimension dressing desk replicate.

We’re now opening to peer ladies take their rightful place within the tech area. Whether or not it’s the Willow breast pump that debuted at CES final week, or the Juno that is making waves on Kick starter, it’s actually great to look tech and design addressing women’s wants and becoming way more numerous. I actually can’t wait to see what the longer term holds in store!