Stick This Tiny Camera To Any Surface And Enjoy!

Stick This Tiny Camera To Any Surface And Enjoy!
Selfie!! the most viral and addictive trends all over the world.But for snapping a perfect selfie,pic,or video you actually need a partner who can capture one for you or in other case for taking a selfie you need to stay stuck and for posing better you need to stretch your hand around.This is so irritating sometimes!!
The question is, How can you capture a best selfie,picture or video without any irritation?. This tiny little far better than camera device got a solution to all these problems,by which you are no longer needed to hold your camera.I am pretty sure you are gonna blow up and willing for this device after knowing it’s features.This device allows you to taking images “Hands Free”.
Stick This Tiny Camera To Any Surface And Enjoy!4
Podo is actually a camera device with adjustable camera pad.All you need to do is to stick Podo on a surface and get anywhere you want in front of camera.Capture it by using Podo app on your smartphone.Podo is not such expensive as you would think after reading it’s features.It’s initial price is $49 and you can Podo Just For $49.

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It has a powerful sticky pad that can stick to any surface and it is absolutely washable and reuse.This camera is so tiny and lightweight to adjust in your pocket.Podo captures much high-resolution images than your smartphone does,you can even get better result in dim lights.The best part is you can even connect multiple Podo Cameras to a single phone so you can capture anything you want in your way.