Snapchat Spectacles’s Features Will Blow Up Your Mind

Snap chat is one of my favorite app. With this fun app I can post my pictures and my friends can get to know what I am up to. And guess what? They have introduced new spectacles. You can simply put on those spectacles on your face and click whatever you want to capture.

I bought snap chat spectacles and they are just amazing. I will rate five stars for this super invention.

Snap chat new spectacles are truly a blessing for me and I am sure that all those snap chat lovers and technology freaks are also going to love it. It showed me an easiest way to create a memory lane that can take me to the world of friends, loved ones, joy and unlimited fun.

Snapchat Spectacles's Features Will Blow Up Your Mind

These spectacles allowed me to take picture from my perspective. I can capture any moment that I find worth clicking. Omg I am simply in love with this product. The best thing about snap chat spectacles is that I can take pic and then post it later on snap chat.

When I used it I was simply mad on it… Of course in good sense. I was like wowwwww…I have finally found the true love of my life ;)…I took thousands of pics literally.

Snapchat Spectacles's Features Will Blow Up Your Mind

Snap chat spectacles actually makes you “hands free”. You don’t need to take out your cell phone everywhere .Now you can snap anything even when you are doing something with both hands.

It is simply hard to resist this technology once you indulge in the techno world of snap chat. This invention is surely a blessing for all technology lovers like me who are tired of taking camera out. These spectacles help you to take snaps where there could be most awkward situations for camera.

Now I can use it in rain, under my umbrella and capture the rain pouring on my hands, I can use it while gardening and click the petals of my choice without taking my cell phone out and having fear of falling or damage. Well the idea is so comforting for me that I really don’t need to take camera or cell phone out for taking pictures.

I wish if the video time increases. It allows you to make a video for 10 seconds. It can also reframe video in portrait or landscape form as it shoots in circular frame but you can reposition it.

These spectacles are stylish yet you can’t wear regular glasses with them. But who cares for going regular if you have spectacles that can take pictures J use contact lenses instead J

One thing that could be a “threat” for spectacles is that you cannot take selfie from these spectacles as the camera is outward facing but still… After all the whole beautiful world is worthy enough to be captured. These snap chat glasses are now my “must” to use and take it everywhere thing. Thanks to snap chat for this highly satisfaction guaranteed product.

With these glasses I can show the world what I see!!!