Samsung foldable smartphone Release Date, Samsung X Specs and Features

Samsung foldable smartphone Release Date
Did you hear about this rumor that Samsung is up to launch a foldable smartphone? But the fact is, this is now no longer a humor. Because they decided to pick a date for launch.
As the generation is updating, also the trends of smartphones are updating. You must have seen the foldable phones a decade ago but now it’s time to make smartphones foldable.
The tech giant Samsung is manufacturing this incredible device. The other awesome device Samsung Edge is the strong evidence of their expertise.
Samsung got another giant tech partner working on this device with it. Many concepts and ideas are rolling out since the day one but we’ll show you the latest updates on this work.

Structure and Specification

This device looks insane but, not then while you see it working when you bend it from middle. Samsung foldable smartphone designed to maintain all utilities while bending or stretching it.
As this was not the simple project so it faced many production issues. Samsung is working on this device since 2012. The company wanted to record its name as the first releasing company of the foldable devices.
They have lately launched a device with round corners as the model of this device.
Some of the reports and rumors says that it has a 4k screen display with (3840×2160) pixels resolution, the resolutions remains when fold it.
Some other rumors say that Samsung X may have a double rare camera and high speed Snapdragon 835 Processor. There may be a slot for Micro SD card and the battery will not removeable.

Samsung X Release Date

This project was first named as “Project Valley” and it must have launched in February 2016.
But as the project was not completed on time so they changed its name to Samsung X.
The company is now gonna launch this device in the half of 2017. Samsung hopes to deliver more than Half Million devices in the market for sale
But now it could be a loss if Samsung will not be able to launch this device on time. Because another tech giant LG is working on foldable devices. And they also have to launch them in 2017.So Samsung should Hurry to protect its market value.