Remove Viber Video Automatically After Viewed By Recipient

Remove Viber Video Automatically After Viewed By Recipient-f
As many messaging apps including Viber trying for a longer time to provide users more privacy with their conversations and media they have shared,
they have added many encryption in their chats so no one else can get into it.
Now one of the biggest messaging app “Viber” that also provide encryption to their users offered a new feature to make chats more secure and private.
The user can control the time limit of sent message to stay in the chat history of the other recipient.
This app already allow user to remove sent message by both sides.
In this new feature of Viber like snap-chat,user can set a time limit on photos to be removed from the chat history before send.
After the fixed time is passed they can no longer access the shared content but there ‘ll be show that a photo was shared.
There is also a video encryption method by which user can see the video only one time.
After viewing the video by the recipient the video ‘ll disappear from the message timeline and no longer accessible.
This feature is in latest update (6.0)of Viber in both android and IOS version