Now You Can Send Messages Offline By Whatsapp,Here’s How?


There are a lot of messaging apps with useful and incredible features.But whatsapp bee a very trending and useful app among them all.So here is a good news of all whatsapp fans of a new feature.
Whatsapp is introducing a new feature with the ability to send messages while you don’t have data connection.This feature ‘ll be available in it’s latest update.So all you need to do is to update your whatapp mobile app to latest version.

How it works:By this new feature your sent messages ‘ll be queued up in a line with date and time pattern when your phone doesn’t have any signals to connect with.But whenever your phone connect with any data network your messages ‘ll be send automatically.

This feature is now also available for iPhone users,but android users !! This feature has been available for android users since last year.The update for iPhone also got ability to manage your storage space by removing unwanted messages, Photos and videos to free up space.