Andriod SMS Text Messaging Will Be Better Than Whatsapp Or iMessages


Google’s plan to carry SMS text messaging into the modern next age and compete against Apple iMessage is sooner or later taking shape.It offers multimedia messages, examine receipts, and other capabilities you’d anticipate from a normal chat app like WhatsApp or iMessage.You can Download Google Messenger here

RCS is a general that adds more suitable features to SMS texting, like high resolution photo sharing, read receipts and organization chat options.

Mobile vendors, inclusive of Orange, Deutsche Telekom and Globe, will be part of Sprint, Rogers and Telenor, in preloading Android with the newly named Android Messages as the same old messaging app on telephones their subscribers use.

Head of RCS at Google Amir Sarhangi,said:Several manufacturers, such as LG, Motorola, Sony and ZTE, have also said they’ll embed the technology in their phones so it’s preloaded on devices sold throughout the world. With the roll out announced today, more than 1 billion subscribers globally will be ready to access this new messaging technology.

Android cellphone customers on these mobile carriers will see an automatic upgrade to their SMS messaging experience. It will provide them the equal form of state-of-the-art capability that is already provided on messaging apps, like Apple’s iMessage, Facebook’s Messenger or WhatsApp.

Google stated that it’s creating an “Early Access Program” for groups to ship messages via RCS.That will suggest that the texts you get for stuff like boarding passes and records plan overages will be more than dumb links to web sites.

Businesses may be capable of send messages which could act like little apps — the QR code for the educate will be right there and the option to re-up your facts while you get an overage alert could be a easy button in the message.

Those messages will even come “established” from their sender in place of from a random brief code wide variety.