How To Message Someone Privately On YouTube

As we all know YouTube is a well-known video sharing social network that has a big number of viewers.But the videos you share on YouTube are actually publicly visible to anyone and everyone on the YouTube has access to concern content.

But what if i tell you that now you’ll be able to share your videos just with your friends or known buddies.In other meanings you can upload your videos privately.YouTube’s new service is currently live in Canada and available for Android and IOS app users.By this update users can share their videos in private conversation.

There was the only way to use this new method is to create a new group of friend by inviting them to join until now.On the other hand,users will still need friends who already have the capability to share a video with them if they want to get in on the action.

How to use this: Click on the share button,there will be a new tab on top of all other old options having list of contacts/friends.You need to select from them making a thread,write a message if you want and done send it away.As other videos and comment interface on YouTube this private conversation ‘ll show under the video just like comments.

How To Message Someone Privately On YouTube

Reason behind choosing Canada at first is because there are 15% of YouTube users in Canada based on the full average of global users.The company took this step just because it sees sharing it’s content to other social network and messaging apps for privacy.