How To Make Money On YouTube With It’s New Feature

How To Make Money On YouTube With It's New Feature1

How to make money online? is nowadays becomes a general question.But here we have one answer to make money with live streaming on YouTube.
YouTube announced a this feature to help those people who creates videos to share on YouTube.The creator can make money by going live and chating to his fans while making video.This feature allows users to pay money in order to see their message at top in chat stream using icons called “Emotes”. By doing this user can highlight their comment in chat,also pinned their comment at top of the chat stream.
We can say this that the method is different to twitch’s method but the goal is same sa twitch.In simple meaning it’s like allowing fans to pay real money in order to grab creator’s attention.

How To Make Money On YouTube With It's New Feature

Super Chat is launching at present into beta with high YouTubers, together with iHasCupquake, high-quality Library (buzzbean11) and Alex Wassabi. It will roll out extra generally at month finish for creators in 20 nations and viewers in more than forty countries, the manufacturer says.

The launch follows a number of alterations for YouTube aimed toward bettering the experience for creators and viewers alike. Earlier this week, YouTube introduced it would start showcasing new skill on a weekly groundwork on its Trending part, whilst final yr it rolled out a new Creator Hub, benefits program, extended help, and others tools, and launched a social community of types with YouTube neighborhood.

YouTube already explained this feature in its blog posts.The comment ‘ll remain up-to 5 hours at the top of the chat as it is enough time to grab anyone’s attention.