This Liquid Digital Clock Is Awesome,Watch This In Action

This Liquid Digital Watch Is Awesome,See This In Action

Rhei is a dynamic installation, an animated sculpture, an idea expressed within the type of a minimalist, digital clock. Time as a thought is extremely subjective, however there are two things we are able to claim about it with walk in the park: time is unrelenting transience and steady movement. It’s exactly this endless rhythmic drift that Rhei captures, and simply as every moment differs from the opposite, the action of its digits is differently animated each time, never enabling it to exhibit the same form twice. The design symbolizes a middle floor between the analog and the digital sphere, the place the foundations of mechanics and the legal guidelines of nature come together with a purpose to create a liquid phantasm harking back to a cutting-edge, digital kind… and where liquid is managed in a manner which allows for it to display tangible shapes.

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