Why Google Allo is much Better Than Whatsapp?

Why Google Allo is much Better Than Whatsapp?

I heard about the app Google Allo, downloaded it and used it.

If you are tired of those typical messaging apps then I recommend you to go Allo.

Yes!! Now it is time to say good bye to those heavy apps which are draining both your mobile battery and memory. Because Google Allo is much better than them.

Allo is a google messaging app especially introduced for all those chit chat lovers and technology freaks. I used Google Allo and found it quite impressive.

For me Google Allo was joyous experience and an unstoppable fun .You will also feel your thumb flowing on keyboard in Allo chat box. The outlook of chat box was elegant, simple and it was very easy to use. The background of chat window was fairly justified. You can also change it according to your choice. Once I started using it. It was actually tough for me resist Allo. You are really going to find it user friendly.

Why Google Allo is much Better Than Whatsapp?
Google Allo Chat Box

The stickers are very impressive and it feels like as if you are not only writing words but you are actually expressing feelings. There is quite a range of stickers but I must say that all emoticons are nearly same as “WhatsApp”. So google should introduce some new and different ones in Allo. The doodle option is also another plus for Allo.

Why Google Allo is much Better Than Whatsapp stickers
Google Allo stickers

Another good thing about Allo is that it is directly synchronized with your google account as well.

And in my opinion the best thing is. .  It provides you with an assistant. Aaa aa wait….not that assistant. I mean virtual google assistant. You will feel like you are chatting to it. It will text back to you, help you and amuse you when you are bored. Hey it even played quiz with me. You can check weather daily on Allo. The virtual assistant offers you to send funny video and quotes daily. It also sends you daily news. I mean which other app is offering that much. Obviously no other app is offering so much wide range of services.

Why Google Allo is much Better Than Whatsapp Google Assistant
Google Allo Assistant

All over it was fun talking to google assistant. I enjoyed the experience. So you also don’t miss your virtual companion while taking a journey to Allo road. It’s really fun to have ally like google assistant.

In my opinion google Allo is different from all those traditional messaging apps in many ways. It is a complete package for technology lovers. We can send text, send emotions, share pictures, videos and also voice clips to our friends and family.

After using Google Allo I am going to make it my messaging app as I am already in love with it. Now I will say hello with Allo only. And I have a big tick for the app. I will recommend it to all of you. Just delete all other messaging apps from your cell phone and start using Allo. Because Allo is worth it!!

Here is how to use Google Allo