Facebook Weather Forecaster Is Here,How To Access This?

Facebook Weather Forecaster Is Here,How To Access This

Facebook is working on some exciting features to make Facebook most interesting and friendly community.Early its working on a new feature about weather forecast.This feature ‘ll be available for both mobile and desktop users.

This feature will accessible right from your news-feed and profile dashboard.You ‘ll access this feature by hitting the arrow button located at the top-bar.Weather page will show you the full forecast of the upcoming week just like a weather app.This feature will access the weather data from a website called Weather.com.

This feature is an updated version of the current greeting and whether notification.Facebook just confirmed that this feature is delivered to the 95% of its users.All you need to update the app to the latest version.

This feature is an updated addition of greetings.We are all familiar of these greetings as they appear on the top of our news feed whenever we first login the Facebook on a day.The greeting card shows your city and tells you about the weather of the day.Now as this is updated you will see the greeting card with a link lead you to the full forecast of the week.For some reason you have missed the greeting and if you want to visit forecast page again you can navigate to it by a new menu of  weather in mobile apps.