Facebook TV Is Here How To Stream Videos On Your TV Screen

Facebook TV Is Here How To Stream Videos On Your TV Screen

This is reported that Facebook will soon launch a new app for TV’s.This app ‘ll work with set-top boxes that allow users to watch videos right on their TV screen.It is possible that Facebook will buy its own video content to stream on TV screen but yet it includes videos that are saved in your profile(saved videos),recommended videos,shared videos and live videos around the world.This app will soon work with Amazon Fire TV,Samsung Smart TV,Apple TV,and more will be announced soon.

In a media conference VP of partnerships said:
A lot of people when they’re watching video in news feed during the day will save it for later, because they don’t have time to watch,Now it’s easy to watch on your TV if you want to do that. We want people to be able to consume content wherever they are – whether it’s on their phone, whether it’s on their computer and TV is just another screen for that.

There are also other features announced by the company in a blog post.They said users can also stick the videos in the corner of the screen for scrolling in their news-feed while the video is playing.
Another feature in Facebook videos is they will auto-play when a user scroll down to them and also the vertical videos will expand to the full size by covering the screen.

Last Month in a report of Wall Street Journal revealed that Facebook is working on an app for TV which has dealed with many TV programs to stream on this app.Facebook will play its own content like original TV shows and scripted videos.Facebook will also produce episodic content and longer videos.TV shows that may includes in this app stream are

  • Rachel’s Head Shots
  • Hillary Wiccan Roots Revealed
  • Babies and Engagements
  • O.K., So I Don’t Normally Do This and many more scripted TV shows.

In a conferense called by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg he said:I see video as a mega trend on the same order as mobile.That’s why we’re going to keep putting video first across our family of apps and making it easier for people to capture and share video in new ways.