How to Download Any Video Free On Internet?

How to Download Any Video Free On Internet

You are watching a video on a website that just touched your heard and you want to save the video on your device, so you can watch it again. But you are not able to download the video as there is no button to download or save the video.

There are many websites where you can see videos but can’t download them like; Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Twitter, Vine, Sound cloud, Vimeo and many more. These sites do not allow to download but you can download their videos easily by the following tools and methods. All you need to do is to copy the link of the video. But the question here is How to Copy Video Links Form Different Sites for Download the videos? Follow the link to know how to do this.

There are two ways to download any video.

  1. Download from online tools
  2. Download with desktop apps

So let’s start with the online websites that are providing these services.

Online Downloader for YouTube


how to download youtube video free

This video converter very simple and easy to use, just copy the video link, paste the link in the box and hit the download button. After a short while there ‘ll be an option to whether download in High Quality HD print or just in simple standard format.


Video Downloader for Facebook


how to download facebook video free

There is a large number of world population surfing hours daily on Facebook. So it must be every second person’s problem to download the Facebook Videos. This tool is not only available on its website but it also allows you install its browser extension for downloading video without leaving the tab.


Video Downloader for Twitter

Download Twitter Video

how to download twitter video free

Like other discussed tools this tool is also a specific tool for downloading twitter videos. This tool is very simple and easy to use. Just copy the URL of the tweet in which video exists then paste it in this tool. Select from the available option to download in MP3 format or in Video Format.

Video Downloader for Vine

Download Vine Video

how to download vine video free

This tool is to download vine videos instantly, just copy the link of the video and paste it here. It ‘ll offer you download the in video in different formats.


Video Downloader for Instagram


how to download instagram video free

Downloading Instagram’s stuff never been so easy but impossible. This tool is really incredible to download Instagram’s videos. Paste the link of the post whether its photo or video.


All in one Video Downloaders

1)Video Grabby

how to download any video free

Grab videos from many different sites to download. This tool is also supports many sites and you can download any kind of video by this tool.



how to download any video free

This tool is very handy and helpful especially for students and learners. This tool can download videos form 250+ sites including Lynda. So you don’t need to go anywhere else when you got this tool and students can easily Download Lynda Tutorials Free. This tool is also available free for you desktops.

3)Online Video Converter

how to download any video free

This tool is really amazing and my personal recommendation for all of you. This tool can work perfectly and it doesn’t taunt you with too many ads. Simply paste any kind of video link here and select what type of video you want. This tool provides you many different formats options to download with.

4)Yoo Download

how to download any video free

YooDownload is another best tool like KeepVid and VideoGrabby. It works with YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,, and SoundCloud.


how to download any video free

Unlike the first one this one is a bit different and handful for instant download. Let’s say you are watching a video and you want to download it but you never really remember the website where to go to make it downloadable, so you just need to simply place two letters “ss” in the specific place in URL. Below is an example how to do this. This tools has its own browser extension and compatible with many sites.


[button color=”” size=”” type=”outlined” target=”” link=””][/button]

will be

[button color=”” size=”” type=”outlined” target=”” link=””][/button]



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